Asbestos Services for Welch Texas

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Asbestos is a collective name for several naturally occurring minerals. These minerals are mined from the ground, not manufactured by a chemical process. In the US, the EPA banned most asbestos containing products in 1989. However, that ban was overturned in 1991 by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. Since Asbestos is still being used in manufacturing of building materials and found in many buildings, most states currently require an Asbestos Inspection prior to demolition or renovations.


Grimes & Associates provides the following services: 

  •  Comprehensive Asbestos surveys and inspections of buildings performed by licensed professionals.
  • Identify and collect samples of suspect materials and determine their condition.
  • A Complete report with findings, conclusions and recommendations.
  • Air Monitoring
  • Asbestos Removal Management


Recent Projects

Asbestos 6 mo. Surveillance at Public School in Welch, TX

Welch, TX

Asbestos 6 mo. Surveillance at Public School in Welch , TX

Welch, TX

Asbestos 6 mo Surveillance at Public School Building in Welch, TX

Welch, TX
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